Core Creek Community Church supports the mission of Jesus to reach this world with the good news of His gospel.  We support this mission in a variety of ways.

In some contexts when the concept of "mission" is discussed, it is thought of primarily in a foreign context.  Many people believe that a church is "mission minded" if they send financial support to "missionaries" who serve in foreign countries.  We think that is a very limited understanding of the mission Jesus has called us to and unfortunately, that mindset has resulted in many well-meaning Christians inadvertently missing the opportunities that Jesus is giving them to actively participate in His mission right where they live.

Every Christian is called to be a "missionary."  We represent Jesus as His ambassadors to our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and total strangers every day.  Some Christians are intentional missionaries who understand that Jesus has called them to live out and share His gospel in a variety of ways with everyone they meet.  Other Christians struggle to see where they fit into this mission.

If you have a faith relationship with Jesus, you are a missionary.  The friendships He has allowed you to have with others give you ample opportunities to show grace, mercy, kindness and sacrifice to others, just as Jesus has shown you those very things.  Christians who actively display the heart of Jesus in their interactions with others are often those who are most welcomed to share the specific details of the Gospel with those who haven't yet heard and placed their faith in Jesus.  Every Christian is a missionary.

Core Creek Community Church also recognizes that there are those who serve as missionaries in a more formal and vocational sense.  We appreciate their work in this world and we dedicate a minimum of 10% (last year we gave approximately 19%) of all offerings that we receive toward the work that others are doing to share the gospel of Jesus.

Each year in November, our Missions Team prayerfully decides which mission works our church will financially support for the coming year.  Listed below are the projects / organizations and people that we are currently supporting.  Please be in prayer for those who serve in these works.  Their task is a difficult one, but the name of Jesus is being proclaimed throughout the United States and throughout this world as His people are faithful to obey His leading.

Church Planting


Our church is currently in the process of planting a sister church in West Conshohocken, PA.  In 2016, the building and property of a church that recently closed in the community was entrusted to our care and oversight.  We have been working hard to repair the building and recently started hosting worship services on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm.  To learn more about our church plant, please visit

We also support the church planting efforts of the National Mission Board.

Pocono Mountain Bible Conference


The Pocono Mountain Bible Conference is a year-round camping and retreat center in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  PMBC uses its year-round ministry of programs, retreats, conferences and general hospitality to share the Gospel with all ages.  Visit them online at

Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis.png

Paul Lewis has served with Wycliffe and the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) since 1981.  He has worked in Guatemala, South America, and since 1996, in Dallas, Texas at the International Linguistics Center.  He is currently working in Asia, where he is mentoring, encouraging and helping many Bible translation teams throughout the area.  Pray for his ministry to those who translate Scripture in distant places.

Betsy Wambach

Betsy photo.jpg

Betsy was born and raised in the Philadelphia area.  She joined SEND International in 1986 and helped plant a church in Spain.  She currently serves with SEND's Mobilization Department and Personnel/Member Care Department.  A major part of her work involves coming alongside missionaries who are currently on Home Service.

Brian & Trish Fink

Brian Fink.jpg

Brian and Trish, along with their children, are currently serving among the Plaines Cree people of south central Saskatchewan.  Much of their ministry involves working with the local youth, on and off the reserves.  Recently, the leadership of NAIM asked Brian to also direct their Summer Ministry Initiative (SMI) program.  SMI places individuals in Native communities throughout Canada for eight weeks of ministry and outreach.

Peter Krol - Disciplemakers


DiscipleMakers is a Christian campus ministry based in Pennsylvania. Their goal is to raise up the next generation of leaders for the Church by training college students in Bible study, gospel-driven discipleship, and evangelism.  Peter Krol has been serving and leading with this ministry for more than two decades.  

Children's Fellowship of India


Children's Fellowship of India is a home for orphaned children in the village of Naya Akola, India. They seek to give shelter, care, and spiritual nourishment to children that would otherwise have no chance of survival.  CFI was founded in 2001 to care for 30 young boys. This organization has grown into a fully functioning ministry campus with the facilities to care for over 200 boys.