Financial Peace Live Event - November 20th


If you or your family would like some sound advice on how to handle your personal finances in a healthy and biblical manner, this will be a great event for you.

On November 20th from 6:30-9:30pm, we are going to be hosting “Financial Peace Live” here at the church. It’s a live event that will be streaming from Charleston, SC. We will be projecting it here at the church.

The church is covering the cost of this event, so there will be NO COST to you if you’d like to attend. All we ask is that you register ahead of time.

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More info. about this event…

Are your finances out of control? Is the paycheck-to-paycheck life leaving you feeling panicked and insecure? Is debt keeping you from achieving your financial dreams?

Financial Peace Live will give you the momentum you need to kick-start your financial goals. Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan will teach you the seven-step plan that has helped nearly five million people get out of debt, build wealth, and retire with dignity.

You work too hard to have nothing to show for it. Taking control of your money is easier than you think, and we'll show you how! You'll walk away with confidence in yourself and in our plan, along with a renewed vision for your financial future.