Setting aside time to invest in fellow Christians, and be invested in by fellow Christians is an important aspect of spiritual growth. Our church currently offers a great opportunity to do this through our mid-week groups.

Our mid-week groups are a blend of discussion, fellowship, prayer, and the study of Scripture. Many new friendships have been forged through these groups, and genuine spiritual growth has been fostered in the lives of those who have participated.

We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities for growth and community. Information about our current roster of mid-week groups is posted below.

Wednesday Night Community Groups

1st Wednesday - Group Dinner, 6:30pm

2nd Wednesday - Men's Group, 6:30pm

3rd Wednesday - Women's Group, 6:30pm

4th Wednesday - Break Week

*Groups are hosted in various homes.  Please contact us if you'd like to be added to the email list to be notified of upcoming locations.

Sunday Night Bible Study

On Sunday nights at 6:00pm, Ed Kisselback leads the "Back to Basics, Berean Bible Study" at the church.  He has been teaching through various doctrinal and historical subjects while also teaching through various chapters of Scripture.  This group will resume meeting on February 11.

wednesday Morning Prayer / Conversation / Play

On Tuesday mornings at 10:00am, stay-at-home parents are invited to bring their kids over to the church to play.  While the kids are playing, the parents enjoy conversation and a time of prayer.  This group resumes meeting on February 6th.